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  • Personal Training

  • Small group exercise classes

  • Nutritional guidance & meal planning

  • Lifestyle coaching

  • Counseling

  • Breathwork

We have created a space where all are welcome, no matter where you are in your fitness journey. We are scientific experts (PhDs in training) with years of experience in helping individuals develop a healthy lifestyle... for good.


Our space is like a hybrid between a physical therapy clinic and exercise gym. We focus on helping individuals with needs that go beyond what a traditional gym membership can offer. Whether you suffer from chronic health conditions, arthritis or joint pain, mobility issues, movement disorders, or find the traditional exercise options intimidating, we offer affordable solutions to drastically improve quality of life. 

The path to wellness (as we like to call wholeness!) is different for everyone. We offer small group exercise classes, individual or group personal training sessions, and nutritional guidance.

We are also pleased to offer counseling and psychotherapy services to the community at reduced rates.  Select the "Counseling" tab for more information.


Our Wellness Specialists are certified personal trainers with graduate degrees. We offer individual and small group personal training tailored to your specific needs and goals. 

We offer individual and small group personal training now on Zoom! You can still get in incredible shape with personalized workouts in the comfort and safety of your own home!

Our Wellness Specialists will come to your home with all the equipment necessary to provide a great workout. We take great pride in minimizing social interactions in our personal lives to ensure the lowest risk of COVID-19 exposure so we can keep our clients safe. Visits will be masked, socially distanced, and temp screened. 

Nutritional Guidance & Meal Planning

Proper nutrition is a vital element in achieving (and maintaining!) overall health and wellness. From nutrition education to meal planning, our wellness specialists provide a wide range of nutritional services. We will sit down with you to determine what your needs are and how to effectively implement change into your daily life. We want to empower you to give up dieting and instead teach you how to nourish your body with the proper nutrient-dense, whole foods it needs and find balance with food and fitness…for life!

Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle coaching is an individualized science-based approach to help make desirable lifestyle changes with surprising ease. We create a safe judgement-free environment that puts the client in the driver's seat to create the change they wish to see for their lives. Our coaches gently guide with empathy and knowledge to help improve the client's intrinsic motivation so they feel empowered to make permanent changes without feeling restricted or overwhelmed.

Breathwork is an action using certain breathing techniques for extended periods of time, anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours. Our amazing Breathwork Facilitator Shawna is there to guide you through the technique accompanied with music. It is an active journey and you decide the pace and the intensity.  Our breath is our most powerful resource and using it properly we are able to experience instant results. It cannot truly be described, only experienced. Clients who participate in a Breathwork sessions have experienced acceleration of personal transformation, feelings of connectedness, heightened physical and mental performance, emotional balance, deep healing and relaxation, powerful insights and an overall sense of well-being.  

Our COVA Counseling practitioners provide mental and behavioral health services for adults, children, and families. Our primary focus is the overall emotional well-being of our clients and respect for their individual needs.

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