Howard Simmons, MS, EdS

Resident in Counseling

Email:  Counseling@COVAwellness.org


Phone: (757) 219-2293


After your initial session you will be given access to the client portal where you can:

- Fill out patient forms

- Schedule and manage appointments

-  Video Counseling sessions

- Make payments

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Counseling at COVA Wellness!


*Specializing in Video Telehealth Counseling*

We all face difficult times in our lives which lead us to seek help from others. Psychotherapy helps you become more resilient, find inner strength and improve your sense of self – all of which can aid you in your quest to live a more open, genuine, and fulfilling life.  Together we examine areas of struggle, where you might be “stuck” and work to identify new ways of being more engaged and effective in relationships with others and at peace with ourselves.   

I will work with you in treatment modalities ranging from short-term brief, CBT, and problem-focused dynamic therapies to longer-term analytic work. My training has largely been generalist, meaning that outside of my specialty of working with adults and providing affirmative psychotherapy to members of the LGBTQ community, I have experience treating a wide range of difficulties including depression, anxiety and trauma. I am particularly helpful to patients who struggle in building and sustaining authentic and healthy relationships. 

Although trained and experienced in common evidence-based psychotherapy techniques, I am at heart a psychodynamic or depth therapist. I’m at my best focusing on the conscious and unconscious psyche and the underlying motives and tensions that impact your life. Many of us can acknowledge difficulties in relationships and/or struggles with our own internal world but don’t know how to make the necessary changes needed to improve or change them.  My goal as a psychotherapist is to help increase self-awareness through uncovering painful or traumatic events in your history and the maladaptive patterns that underlie your suffering.  Understanding your history and developing internal strengths to better manage your internal world will provide you with a greater sense of ease, confidence and freedom that translates into inner peace and healthier relationships with others.

Please contact Mr. Simmons at CoVa Counseling at (757) 219-2293 to schedule your first session.